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Game of Silks

MVP Gameplay Document

Own your Dynasty!

Game of Silks is a strategy game based on the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. Silks is most similar to dynasty fantasy sports games. Each year, Game of Silks turns qualified thoroughbred racehorses into a digital clone that tracks the activity of the underlying horse throughout its lifetime. When your Silks racehorse wins a race or breeds in the real world, you get rewarded in Game of Silks.

Game of Silks is a rich ecosystem where, through strategic gameplay, you can build your own dynasty in the high stakes world of thoroughbred horse racing.

Game Assets

Silks Avatars

A Silks avatar serves as your identity and gives you access to the Game of Silks.

Silks Thoroughbred Racehorses

A digital clone of a real world thoroughbred racehorse.

Land, Stables, Farms

Buy land and stables to develop farms.

Sky Falls Genesis Parcels

Land parcels in the Sky Falls region of the Silks metaverse available to eligible Genesis avatar holders..

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The terms “racehorse” and “horse” refers to thoroughbred racehorses in the context of the Game of Silks.

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We may, at any time, revise, change, eliminate or add to the features, specifications, rules or other parameters described herein.

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